Motivating a Culturally Diverse Team by Tan Nguyen

Motivating a Culturally Diverse Team by Tan Nguyen 150 150 Angeli Maduli

Remember these tips to motivate a culturally diverse team!

Going #digital means being able to work with people across borders. But leading #culturallydiverse teams is not a walk in the park. It can have some challenges due to the differences in #language, #culture, and #religion, but by #communicating with #clarity, the team will be able to reach their goals.

Tan Nguyen, an International Leadership Coach, emphasizes the importance of setting a united #goal. In his latest #TCP video, he advises leaders to remind the team of these two things:

  1. Remember the goal. Executives should bring clarity to the goals of the team.
  2. Turn our heads toward the goal. What can the team do to be one step closer to the goal?

What are your tips in motivating a diverse team?

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