Vodcast # 34 – Communicate to Bridge by Tomas Kucera

Vodcast # 34 – Communicate to Bridge by Tomas Kucera 480 480 Margot

People get caught in the trap of thinking that there is one right way to do things and everything else is wrong. Closed-mindedness is a barrier to #crosscultural communication unlike any other. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that our viewpoint is “normal” and how others are doing things is “different”. Hence, understanding the other side and making an effort to do so is the crucial first step. Being open minded can help one better understand why other people are behaving in the way that they do and can prevent distrust which escalates conflict. Being more open-minded can sometimes be as simple as learning more about an idea that you wouldn’t have considered otherwise. It can also have an impact on how you make decisions moving forward because making the effort to understand others also exposes you to new viewpoints. @Tomas Kucera, the multilingual international business development consultant, shared with us his story in #Shanghai about how he handled a misunderstanding with a fellow traveller on the subway by putting himself in her shoes, making an effort to allay her fears and opening a line of communication right away. You can watch the video to hear his experience in his own words. So, next time you want to #bridge differences , remember, all #cultures are #perspectives. Not one is more correct than the other. https://bit.ly/3kYT2ud #TomasKucera #CulturalStereotypes #UnconsciousBias #OpenMindedness #CrossCultural #Communication

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