Vodcast#42 – Cross Border Online Community 101 by John Ho

Vodcast#42 – Cross Border Online Community 101 by John Ho 480 480 Margot

Your business starts with your brand, but the other major part of the equation is your audience. You need to be able to connect with a global audience in a meaningful way on a regular basis. In this age of digitization, building an online community is the easiest way to build cross-culture bridges while staying connected with your audiences. Online #communities have provided new ways to listen to, learn from, and engage with global consumers, and are an important aspect to successfully #building a brand. All it requires is posting consistently about topics that you are #passionate about and which are valuable to your audience. Building a #global online community takes time and patience but it’s a sure shot way to consistently gain more knowledge on your favorite topic while you keep the wheels of your business turning. But anyone starting out might have multiple questions like what topics to talk about, which platforms to use and how to grow your community. In this week’s TCP video, John Ho expertly states all that you need to do to get started on the journey to building a successful online community and brand. #Growth #OnlineCommunities #Success #BrandVoice

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