Learning starts from Mindset
Success starts with an Action

Adaptive communication is the ability to adjust and tailor one’s communication style to effectively connect and engage in diverse cultural and sub-cultural contexts. It enables individuals to navigate cultural differences, promotes intercultural understanding, and elevates executive presence by showcasing cultural intelligence and adaptability. Based on Cultural Intelligence (CQ), effectiveness starts from drive, through knowlege and strategy, to action. Embracing this framework, our corporate training programs start from tuning the mindset (drive), equiping toolsets (knowledge and strategy) and practicing skillsets (actions) to foster a culturally relevant, sustainable and positive shift for the participants.

At TCP, we firmly believe that one size doesn’t fit all. Despite the existence of various bespoke communication and leadership models worldwide, we recognize the necessity of incorporating cultural aspects into all professional development programs. Our programs focus on enhancing the learning experience for participants in the Greater China region. We also understand that cultures extend beyond nationality and ethnicity, encompassing sub-cultural variations such as generations, functional roles and industries. Our mission is to facilitate cross-cultural harmony and foster human connections, helping you and your organization thrive in this rapidly evolving digital age.

Through a multi-modal approach that includes pre-program leadership assessment tools, thematic workshops, webinars with keynote speakers, and individual executive coaching-mentoring sessions, we foster participants’ growth in a culturally adaptive and sustainable manner.

We specialize in using Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and the Team Management Profile (TMP). Our certified facilitators will guide the participants in understanding and utilizing the findings from these assessments to identify growth areas, increase self-awareness, build confidence, and enhance communication effectiveness in a cognitively diversed environment.

Executive Influence

Connect Across Cultures

Strategic Communication Training for International Executives

In today’s interconnected world, TCP’s influential skills training program equips leaders with essential abilities to increase executive presence and make a positive impact through effective communication from the inside out. By beginning with self-discovery, you gain a deeper understanding of yourself before positively influencing others. With these skills, you can make a positive impact on those around you.
Social Intelligence and Relationship Building
Adaptive Communication for Stakeholder Management
Persuasive Presentations and Negotiation Skills
Coaching and Mentoring Techniques

We are in an ever-evolving digital age where communication permeates every aspect of our lives. Employee advocacy has emerged as a vital trend. Through internal and external advocacy, organizations can leverage the power of their employees as brand ambassadors – employees actively represent the organization’s culture, values, brand, products, or services. This program aims to engage employees, from aligning their goals to empowering them to share positive experiences and relevant content for the organization.
Social Media Best Practices for Employees
Thought Leadership and Personal Branding Alignment
The Art of Storytelling
Customer and Audience-centric Communication

Effective Communication

Collaborate Across Cultures

Intercultural Communication Workshops for Global Teams

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) for Effective Teams is a comprehensive training program designed to equip teams with the essential skills and knowledge to thrive in diverse, inter-generations, remote and global work environments. By fostering cultural intelligence, teams can navigate cultural differences, enhance communication, and build trust, resulting in more successful collaborations and higher team performance.
Cultural Awareness and Knowledge
Explore Value Dimensions and Behaviorial Preferences
Adaptive Communication and Conflict Resolutions
Remote & Hybrid Team Trust Building and Best Practices

In a changing talent landscape in Hong Kong and the region, there is a growing influx of expats entering unfamiliar work cultures. As they embark on new professional journeys, these executives often encounter cultural shock and there is a need to adapt swiftly to their new workplace. This specialized training program is to assist expats in navigating this transition period, equipping them with the necessary skills to successfully integrate into their new work cultures and thrive.
Cultural Intelligence, Insights and Adaptation
Social Intelligence and Communication Strategies
Leadership in the an Unfamiliar Culture
Resilience and Well-Being in Transition

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