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Cross-Cultural Partnerships

Margot Ling and partners help business leaders and entrepreneurs in achieving success through building impactful cross-boarder partnerships. Margot’s track records in go-to-market strategic partnerships for media and tech clients is a testament to her expertise. With her A.G.I.L.E. (Appreciate, Grow, Integrate, Leverage, and Evolve) partnership approach combines her global business network, Margot is an exceptional guide for clients seeking success in Greater China and Asia. Margot’s deep understanding of the Greater China enables her to navigate the complexities of the region.


Media Communications

With a passion for media communications and over 25 years of experience in digital and entertainment, Margot and her partners specialize in empowering senior executives to maximize their influence through thought leadership and a strong social media presence. They adopt an authentic and audience-centric approach, guiding clients from understanding inner strengths to creating a unique brand – crafting compelling content that resonates deeply with their target audiences, while preserving the authentic tone and voice of each individual client. Margot holds MA and BSSc in Communications.


Executive Coaching

Margot is an accomplished former regional business development leader for international companies such as Twitter, Dolby, and Fox, with proven track records in establishing strategic partnerships. Margot empowers clients to achieve their goals from mindset, toolsets to skillsets – fostering a growth mindset, equipping them with best practices, as well as adaptive communication tactics. Margot leverages her expertise to inspire individuals and organizations with effective communication strategies and enhancing their influence for success. Margot is currently a senior member of Turningpoint Leadership Asia, one of the leading leadership consultancies in the region.

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