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About the Founder

With a passion for adaptive communication, Margot Ling established TCP Growth Ltd in 2016, aiming to elevate her clients’ success through effective communication in the digital age across cultural borders. Over her illustrious 25-year career, Margot has spearheaded innovative cross-media partnerships for prominent entertainment and tech entities including such as Twitter, Dolby, and Fox in the Greater China region with notable track records. In recent years, Margot is a well-sought business partner for corporate leadership and communication training programs.

As an ICF certified executive coach, she champions Authentic Communications, Growth Mindset, and Cultural Intelligence. Her clientele spans from Hong Kong and Mainland civil service sector, Asia tech start-up founders to international corporations and the consumer sector. Margot’s expertise is also evident in her roles as a media trainer, communications facilitator and guest speaker across various platforms in Hong Kong and globally.

Margot empowers clients to achieve their goals from mindset, toolsets to skillsets – fostering a growth mindset, equipping them with best practices, as well as adaptive communication tactics. Margot leverages her personal stories and expertise to inspire individuals and organisations with effective communication strategies and enhancing their influence for success. Her workshops, known for their engaging delivery and insightful content, have consistently garnered 90%+ excellence ratings since 2019. Fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin, Margot’s cross-cultural acumen and hands-on training approach have made her one of the favourites among multinational clients.