Transcultural Communications
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From Cross-Cultural to Transcultural

What is TCP Growth?

Transcultural refers to concepts and ideas that transcend cultural boundaries. They are universal.

TCP Growth is a catalyst to equip global executives with transcultural communication competencies in the digital age. We provide growth programs for corporations on both external media communications, and internal team communications. With a practical coaching-based training approach, each program is led by coaches with a solid professional background in the field. They provide personal stories and insights alongside theoretical frameworks applicable transculturally. The goal is to enhance Growth – to upgrade with action.

Global media and communications enthusiast Margot Ling founded TCP Growth Ltd. in 2016, with a mission to facilitate cross-cultural and cross-border business partnerships for creative industries. The authentic meaning of TCP Growth is “Thought Catalyst Partners for Growth”. It is a platform with international partners sharing insights on how to communicate and collaborate better across cultures. Today, besides our regular video sharing and blogs by our featured speakers, TCP Growth is dedicated to catalysing executives’ performance and development through its “Transcultural Communications Programs”.


Action-Based Transcultural Communications Training Programs

Growth programs on Communications in the Transcultural Digital World, inside out with both Asian and Western perspectives

Media Communications

Team Communication

Our Latest Thought Content

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