Ray Yuen 袁启亮先生

Wise as an Owl. Busy as a Bee.
睿智如鸮 勤奋如蜂

Ray Yuen

Ray Yuen is the Chief Learning Officer of TCP Growth, Adjunct Principal Lecturer, and Former Assistant Director of the Institute for China Business of the University of Hong Kong (HKU ICB), the former management for the Mainland China market of Time Warner and Fox Media, etc., Outstanding Teacher of the Year at HKU ICB, and Business Management Columnist. Ray has over 30 years of experience in media content communications management, marketing, business development, production, and tertiary education communications and institutional advancement, specializing in corporate and life coaching, counseling, storytelling marketing strategies, emotional marketing strategies, and negotiation. He is regularly invited to deliver lectures and training for public institutions and large enterprises in Mainland China and Hong Kong.

Ray holds a BA from the University of Hong Kong, an MBA from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, an MA in Translation and Interpretation from the City University of Hong Kong, and a Team Management Profile (TMP) Analyst Accreditation. He graduated with distinction from the School of Continuing Education of Hong Kong Baptist University with a Professional Diploma in Health Counselling.

袁启亮先生是全思社首席学习官、香港大学中国商业学院(HKU ICB)客席首席讲师暨前助理院长、前时代华纳及福克斯传媒等机构中国区管理层、HKU ICB年度杰出教师、商管专栏作家。袁先生拥有超过30年的媒体内容传播管理、营销、业务拓展、制作,以及大专教育传讯与学院拓展经验,精于企业与人生教练学、辅导学、故事营销策略、情绪营销策略、谈判学等领域。他定期获邀为公共机构及大型企业进行演讲与培训。

袁先生是香港大学文学学士、香港科技大学工商管理硕士、香港城市大学翻译及传译文学硕士、Team Management Profile(TMP)团队管理认证分析师。他以优异成绩修毕香港浸会大学持续教育学院医疗辅导专业文凭。

Ray Yuen

- Chief Learning Officer of TCP Growth
- Former management for the Mainland China market of Time Warner and Fox Media
- Adjunct Principal Lecturer and Former Assistant Director of HKU ICB
- Accredited TMP Analyst
- Business Management Columnist
- 全思社首席学习官
- 前时代华纳及福克斯传媒等机构中国区管理层
- 香港大学中国商业学院(HKU ICB)客席首席讲师暨前助理院长
- 香港科技大学工商管理硕士
- 香港城市大学翻译及传译文学硕士
- TMP团队管理认证分析师
- 商管专栏作家