Highlight#3 from TCP Live#3 – Building Trust in Cross Cultural Relationships

Highlight#3 from TCP Live#3 – Building Trust in Cross Cultural Relationships 480 480 Margot

​​The choice to grant trust is not the same thing as having a default position of trusting people until they prove they can’t be trusted. Choosing to trust someone requires that you mindfully choose to build trust with them, not that you give them a chance to prove they are trustworthy. And to start building trust, one needs to start by trusting — that is, trusting that the other person won’t respond negatively if you choose to be open and unguarded. An attitude of openness that your trust will be positively responded to – opens the way to building long-term trust and reaps benefits in time. Most people are looking for the opportunity to trust others. But yes, sometimes the end result may not be what one expects. That’s why it’s a risk. When that happens, Tan Nguyen, The Everyday Leadership Coach reminds professionals to look at the sum total of one’s experiences and ponder over how many times one’s trust was broken from all the times one trusted someone. The realization of the numerous times when the trust was reciprocated will empower you to take the first step in future relationships. #Trust #Communication #GrowthMindset About the Speaker: With more than 20 years of experience in business and organizational leadership, Mr. Tan Nguyen has always been curious and passionate about developing people and building high-performing teams. Tan particularly focuses on vulnerability to overcome fear and thereby help teams leapfrog performance to the next level. Tan dedicates his time to running leadership and organizational training for leaders in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Australia. He has a degree in maritime navigation from Vietnam, a Fulbright Postgraduate scholarship in public policy from Harvard Kennedy school of policy, and is also a certified executive coach. Tan speaks English and Vietnamese.