Live#3 How to Build Relationships in a Diverse Culture

Live#3 How to Build Relationships in a Diverse Culture 480 480 Margot

🤞Do You Want to be More Trusting but Don’t Know Where to Begin? Trust in the workplace has been emerging as a trending topic since the pandemic and is perhaps the most important characteristic of a high-functioning team. For any type of team, trust is a challenging thing to create and maintain. But when it comes to a cross-cultural team, trust can be especially difficult to achieve for a variety of reasons. 💡 In this week’s live TCP Webinar, Shiela , an author and an experienced confidence coach, who has also challenged and won over discomfort in multicultural settings, shared how trusting others must start with trusting oneself. How much do you really trust yourself–your judgment, your ability to do the right thing? 🤝She beautifully explained how appreciating your uniqueness and working on resolving your own conflicts can help you to begin to start trusting others. Hear it in her own words in this short excerpt from the webinar #Trust #Success #Leadership #Motivation