TCP Live#7 – Asking for What you Want by Jan Kot

TCP Live#7 – Asking for What you Want by Jan Kot 480 480 Angeli Maduli

How can you increase your chances of success when asking for something in a business relationship? The key is to focus more on the #timing of the ask than on what you are asking for. While in western culture, it’s common for people to develop work bonds based on the confidence that they feel in another person’s accomplishments, skills and reliability. In the eastern world, trust is relatively more “relationship-based” and is built through developing a personal bond. It arises from feelings of emotional closeness, empathy, or friendship. So for those looking to ask for a favor in a relationship-based society, they must consider putting more time and effort into organizing meals and social events where they can drop talk about work and make the effort to build personal bonds. Watch this highlight from our #TCPLive on “How to ask for what you want in East Asia”, where Jan Kot, Media & Cultural Coach, shares about cognitive and affective trust and how not understanding the difference can put a business relationship in peril. #CrossCultural #Success #GrowthMindset #EasternCulture