The Rise of Remote Worker by John Ho

The Rise of Remote Worker by John Ho 480 480 Angeli Maduli

Successfully executing a talent optimization strategy requires an organization to get the right people in place with the right technology at their disposal. COVID-19 forced companies to switch to remote working very quickly. And the digital nomadic lifestyle is here to stay. A greater pool of potential talent for employers, reduced operational costs, higher productivity from employees. Companies have been quick to join the remote work bandwagon. But the increased autonomy that comes with working remotely can be a boon to productivity and morale, but only if supervisors trust their team to perform, otherwise there are limited or no benefits for employees and organizations. TCP expert, JohnHo, Co-Founder of the _Alt Co-Living, has been in business with digital nomads for years. In our latest TCP video, he walks us through why companies need to quickly adapt to the needs of their employees for future success. #RemoteWork #Leadership #GrowthMindset #Success