Vodcast#40 Master the Art Of Cross-Cultural Storytelling

Vodcast#40 Master the Art Of Cross-Cultural Storytelling 480 480 Margot

🧠 When we hear a story that resonates with us, our levels of oxytocin – a feel-good hormone increase. That’s the power of Storytelling. Stories have a unique ability to build connections as they boost our feelings of trust, compassion, and empathy, and motivate us to work with others. ⚡But when it comes to cross-cultural communication, do take some caution in your storytelling approach. When you put out a story that doesn’t match the listener’s interests and cultural context, it can fall flat — even if it’s well-told and exciting. 📹 This week @JanKot, an intercultural storytelling coach and market advisor, shares why in cross-cultural settings, the context of the listener matters in your stories and gives helpful tips on telling better and engaging stories that will help people remember and connect with you!