Wear Your Passion and Purpose in the Workplace by Shiela Cancino

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We were always told to separate #work from our #personal lives, but let us tell you otherwise.

One can never truly “compartmentalize” our life from work and personal. These two will always overlap in some way or another. It is inevitable to form #relationships in the workplace when we work with other people. In our almost 2 years of enduring the #pandemic, it has been easier to reach other people across the globe, but how #authentic are our relationships in the #digital age?

#AuthenticCommunication starts from having the mindset of being genuine and real. #Communication in today’s age gives more importance to the speaker’s sincerity and facts compared to flashy gestures and unfamiliar jargon. By slowly moving to authentic communication, people are able to build authentic and trustworthy relationships among colleagues.

#TCP Expert, Shiela Cancino, a certified coach by International Coach Federation, reminds us of the importance of incorporating our #passion and #purpose in the workplace for our organization to know us better, and in return, these can eventually help our organization.

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About the Speaker

Shiela Cancino, originally from the Philippines but is now based in Hong Kong, is a certified coach by International Coach Federation (ICF) and a certified DISC Guide.  She is a Chess Olympiad player, Chess teacher, and author of “Pawn to Queen: Life’s Chess and Quest.”  Using chess as a metaphor, she helps others transform from pawn to queen by assisting them in discovering their gifts.