Authenticity for Crisis Communication Training by Lashley Pulsipher

Authenticity for Crisis Communication Training by Lashley Pulsipher 480 480 Angeli Maduli

In #crisis situations, it is important to remember that appearing as a genuine brand can help sustain trust. Of course, authenticity in communications needs to be underpinned by a deep sense of #empathy for your customers and staff needs. Effective communication in times of crisis requires striking the right balance between being authentic on one side and managing the natural reactions of alarm and confusion. In our last #TCPLive on “East vs West: How to utilize Media for Executive Influence?”, Lashley Pulsipher, Communications & Executive Coach, emphasized how important it is for companies to get together a communication team and respond proactively in times of crisis. Having a team oversee the messaging can help companies remain #authentic and #consistent in their messaging and being proactive will give them the chance to get their message across to the public before external parties can make use of their silence and fill the void. If your business is faced with a potential brand #reputation crisis, what would be your course of action? #Crisis #Communications #Leadership #Training #MediaTraining

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