East vs West: How to utilize Media for Executive Influence?

East vs West: How to utilize Media for Executive Influence? 480 480 Angeli Maduli

It’s more important than ever for the C-suite to create and share content online. When leadership teams have this public visibility it humanizes the executives, meaning the audience can see there are real people with genuine insights leading the company. Even if leadership’s posts aren’t garnering a lot of shares and comments, they’re making an impact by just being present on social media. It’s also about facilitating connections and staying current. Employees see the value in working for a CEO who’s active on social media as well. For many enterprise organizations, the idea of combining CEOs and social media can be intimidating. There’s often concern that a tweet or LinkedIn comment could be misconstrued and detrimental to the brand. So, for those executives who are still on the fence about being active on social media, our TCP experts have this to say – Viral Jani, EVP & India Head, Times Bridge, asks executives to start dabbling in social media and find their own unique personalities at the earliest. Lashley A. Pulsipher ACC/ICF advises executives to get a coach, do media training and actively work with someone on their non-verbal communication. Jan Kot, Cross-Cultural Storytelling coach advises executives to focus on the value of building a personal brand and how social media is the most direct way to do it in today’s world. So are you ready to enhance your Social Leadership skills? Catch up on the full #TCPLive on “East vs West: How to utilize Media for Executive Influence?” https://lnkd.in/ej5ZP2hi #Communications #SocialMedia #ExecutiveInfluence #MediaTraining