How to Negotiate with Chinese Business Partners | Connection Catalysts
How to Negotiate with Chinese Business Partners | Connection Catalysts 150 150 Margot

In today’s rapidly evolving post-pandemic economy, where unforeseen changes and shifts are reshaping global business landscapes, it’s intriguing to observe that despite some businesses moving away from China, there remains a significant interest in exploring this market. While the game has changed, certain fundamental principles still hold true. One such crucial aspect is negotiating in…

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How to improve business partnerships & collaborations
How to improve business partnerships & collaborations 150 150 Margot

Businesses operating in the same ecosystem don’t always have to be competitive. Instead, entrepreneurs can collaborate to expand their network, gain new skills, and attract a wider audience. This short shows ways to improve business partnerships and collaborations. : Forbes Business Council. (2023, May). 15 Ways To Improve Business Partnerships And Collaborations. Forbes. https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesbusinesscouncil/2023/05/01/15-ways-to-improve-business-partnerships-and-collaborations/?sh=2f96654d3393 #Partnerships #Collaborations…

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28 Credentials of Entrepreneurs
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🙏 Happy to be a part of this #entrepreneur community, dedicated to creating #PositiveInfluence. It’s an honor to contribute to the collective knowledge and share my experience with 28 Credentials of Entrepreneur. Let’s continue to #inspire each other in this creative entrepreneurial world! 🚀 #visionary #mission #entrepreneurship

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Oscar’s Inspiration from Michelle Yeoh
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💟 Michelle’s quote touches my heart. In March, the film “Everything Everywhere All at Once” gained attention for winning multiple awards. The lead actress, #MichelleYeoh , made history by becoming the first Asian lead actress to win the Best Actress Award at the #Oscars . To many of us, this is a big deal. Why? Michelle never gave up.…

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Connection Confessions: Unlearning Fixed Mindset
Connection Confessions: Unlearning Fixed Mindset 752 403 Margot

Enrolling in a leadership coach training program in 2018  made me realize the challenges I had unknowingly created for myself. Despite my decades-long professional experience in cross-cultural partnerships within the media and technology industries, a crucial realization has dawned on me. I realized the importance of a growth mindset to foster smoother and happier human connections,…

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From Staycation to Vacation
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From staycation to vacation ✈️ #PostPandemic #HongKong In today’s digitally-connected world, it’s easy to forget about the importance of #HumanConnection. As humans, we are wired for #social interaction, and it’s essential for our mental and emotional #wellbeing. That’s why my husband and I make it a priority to reconnect through annual “honeymoon” trips and regular date nights. We have been practicing…

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March 2023 Book Recommendation
March 2023 Book Recommendation 1024 1024 Margot

This book is a #lifesaver for me – helping me to better nurture different relationships in life! 📗Recommended by a seasoned executive coach & friend Veronique Girma, I recently read “The Five Love Languages” by #GaryChapman and was blown away by the insights it offers on how we can better understand and communicate with our loved ones. The book argues…

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Establishing the Real Human Connection
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Finally, we gave each other real hugs! (I’m based in Hong Kong. #Hello 🫢) To kick off Q1 of 2023, I flew to #ChiangMai in January. I finally met #JohnHo of #Alt_ChiangMai in the flesh! Though we have regular Zoom calls over the last 2 years for our project #TheRemoteTrends, these can never replace the best brainstorming setting – chit chatting  physically over drinks and…

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Documentary Sharing – 12 Jan 2023
Documentary Sharing – 12 Jan 2023 640 480 Margot

“What is the most important right now . . .?” It’s a quote from coach Tan Nguyen in the latest episode of #TheDigitalDiplomat with Anthony Amunátegui Abad. This was the phrase echoing in my head while I was watching The Volcano: Rescue from Whakaari (2022) on Netflix. 🎬 This documentary is about the phreatic explosion of the Whakaari or White…

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December 2022 Book Recommendation
December 2022 Book Recommendation 1024 1024 Margot

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” – #StephenCovey ❓What’s your favourite quote from this book? 📗I have used this quote many times in my media communication workshops this year. It’s from Stephen Covey, the author of the very famous The 7 Habits of Highly Effective…

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