March 2023 Book Recommendation

March 2023 Book Recommendation 1024 1024 Margot

This book is a #lifesaver for me – helping me to better nurture different relationships in life!

📗Recommended by a seasoned executive coach & friend Veronique Girma, I recently read “The Five Love Languages” by #GaryChapman and was blown away by the insights it offers on how we can better understand and communicate with our loved ones. The book argues that there are five primary ways that people express and receive love: words of #affirmation, acts of #service, receiving #gifts, quality #time, and physical #touch.

I think this is such an important message, not just for romantic relationships, but for all types of interpersonal communication, such as our business relationships.

This quote (the below image) highlights the importance of #AdaptiveCommunication in relationships. It encourages individuals to recognize when their current communication #habits are not effective and to be open to adapting and changing those habits in order to improve their relationship.

What really stood out to me was the idea that we all have our own unique love languages, and that by learning to speak our partner’s language, we can build stronger and more fulfilling relationships. But the book doesn’t stop there – it also emphasizes the importance of adaptive communication, or the ability to adjust our communication style to meet the needs of others.

🫶We all have different #preferences in human interaction.

By learning to be more adaptive and attuned to the needs of others, we can build stronger connections and foster more positive interactions in all areas of our lives. Agree?

Overall, I highly recommend “The Five Love Languages” as a must-read for anyone who wants to improve their relationships and deepen their understanding of themselves and others.

🧐Reflection – To what extent do we consider the communication preferences of others?

Enjoy the read!

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🙏Inspired by coaches Shiela M. Cancino, CPA, DTM, ICF Coach Tan Nguyen Ray Yuen