Oscar’s Inspiration from Michelle Yeoh

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💟 Michelle’s quote touches my heart.

In March, the film “Everything Everywhere All at Once” gained attention for winning multiple awards. The lead actress, #MichelleYeoh , made history by becoming the first Asian lead actress to win the Best Actress Award at the #Oscars .

To many of us, this is a big deal. Why?

Michelle never gave up. She did what she knew was best and she continued to make herself a better actress. Her success is attributed to her #perseverance to improving her craft, whether in martial arts or comedies. Now, she also serves as a beacon of hope to aspiring actors, especially Asians, that they can also make it, even in a Western-dominated industry.

💡Some reflections…

We, too, have the ability to bring ourselves to the closest best version of ourselves. It is important to keep a #GrowthMindset for us to #evolve as a person. Of course, there will always be challenges along the way, but we have to keep in mind that these challenges should not prevent our growth, instead, they should be a driving force to push us to move forward.

Just like Michelle, we have to have a range.

We have to keep #reinventing ourselves to adapt to this #VUCA world. Who we are yesterday might not be enough to survive today’s challenges. We have to learn every day to be resilient to future challenges.

💫BTW, this post is not solely directed towards women who have surpassed what is considered their prime, but rather to anyone who is experiencing similar feelings of growth, #maturity, and #transition.

🦋Thoughts on this topic of #reinvention?

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