From Staycation to Vacation

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From staycation to vacation ✈️ #PostPandemic #HongKong

In today’s digitally-connected world, it’s easy to forget about the importance of #HumanConnection. As humans, we are wired for #social interaction, and it’s essential for our mental and emotional #wellbeing. That’s why my husband and I make it a priority to reconnect through annual “honeymoon” trips and regular date nights. We have been practicing these for a decade.

🏖️During our recent trip, we disconnected from the busy family schedules and the outside world to focus on each other. We talked, laughed, explored, and made new memories, deepening our connection and strengthening our partnership. However, it’s not just about the time we spend together on vacation. We prioritize human connection in our daily lives by spending quality time with friends and family too.

I believe that human connection is crucial for both personal and professional #growth. It helps us build #empathy#understanding, and #resilience, and allows us to learn from others, collaborate, and create meaningful change.

As you look at this photo from our trip early this month, I invite you to think about the ways you prioritize human connection in your life. Whether it’s through travel, hobbies, or simply spending time with loved ones, make it a priority to connect with the people around you. You’ll be amazed at the #positive impact it can have on your life and #performance.

🫶What do you do to reconnect with your loved ones?

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