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Defining Different Working Styles by Gurjeet Chima | TCP Growth 150 150 Angeli Maduli

Do you know your communication style?

Gurjeet Chima, the AVP for International Markets at Penske Media Corporation and Cross-cultural Business Consultant, talks about how different working styles are important in international business. 

If you are looking into a partnership, it is significant to define and be aware of the differences for a successful negotiation. In her video, Gurjeet gives 4 working/communication styles.

Let’s define the 4 styles:

📣 Direct. This type of communication gets straight to the point. The message is delivered clearly.

📣 Indirect. The message is not explicitly mentioned. You need to observe context clues to get the intended meaning of the message.

📣 Formal. This happens in a professional setting, where formal language is used. This is important in cultures where they highly value seniority.

📣 Informal. On the other hand, this type usually has an unstructured and casual flow of communication.

It takes time and practice to get the right blend of styles to be an effective communicator. We’ll talk more about these styles next week!

What’s your preferred communication style?

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