Highlight 1 from TCP Live#2

Highlight 1 from TCP Live#2 480 480 Margot

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when someone talks about localising a global brand? Companies which have been successful in the complex undertaking will immediately understand that it involves not just translation but also adapting your content and messaging to a certain locale. A localization strategy must address customer behavior, purchasing habits, and general cultural differences in each country in which it operates. Our very enlightening #TCPLive webinar on “How to Localise your Global Brand” brought forth some extremely interesting insights. Here are the takeaways from our experts on localisation – Tony, Gurjeet and Margot. 🚀 @Gurjeet recommends thinking global but acting local. Doing research on the local market along with finding trustworthy local partners are critical to success. 🚀 @Tony advises companies to take pride in your brand. As a function of the world coming together, people aspire for global brands as much as they find comfort in local brands. 🚀 @Margot suggests brands to think of what they can give to the market, rather than what they can get from them first. Trying to cater to the needs and preferences of the local people should be paramount. #GrowthStrategy #Localisation #CrossCultural