Vodcast #37 – East Meets West: The Concept of Trust by Eric Tan

Vodcast #37 – East Meets West: The Concept of Trust by Eric Tan 480 480 Margot

Are some #cultures less trusting than others? Perhaps the most important characteristic of a high-functioning team is #trust. Team members must be able to trust each other in order for work to get completed. Generally in cross-cultural teams, people from very different cultures work together but they may never meet, or may meet for only a very short time before starting to work together and then must work separately from one another. For any type of team, trust is a challenging thing to create and maintain, but when it comes to building trust in a cross-cultural team, trust is particularly difficult to achieve. In this week’s video, @EricTan, international entertainment industry veteran, walks us through how the east and west view the concept of trust. Fundamentally, as a member of a global virtual team and specifically, as a leader of such a team, it is essential to know how each member of your team conceptualises trust and how they then go on to build trust between cultures. Comment and let me know your thoughts on where the east meets the west and where it differs when it comes to trust. #CrossCultural #Trust #EastmeetsWest #EricTan #Teams #Cultures