Start With A Cultural Meeting by Gurjeet Chima

Start With A Cultural Meeting by Gurjeet Chima 150 150 Angeli Maduli

Did you know that one smile can go a long way in international business negotiations?

The pandemic has opened big #opportunities for #businesses to connect to different countries without the limits of physical distance. But some executives might have concerns about how to negotiate in this digital era. Starting with a #cultural meeting can help set the tone of the relationship in the business.

Gurjeet Chima, the Advisor for Cross-Cultural Communication of #TCPGrowth, opens her TCP video series by reminding us of the importance of building a personal #rapport to win negotiations. She gives us two initial tips to easily build rapport:

  1. Smile. Even with differences in languages, we all feel the warmth of a genuine smile, so make sure to flash those pearly whites.
  2. Understand each other’s cultures. Learning how to greet people in their local language goes a long way in making #authenticrelationships.

What are your tips in building rapport in international negotiations?

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