TCP Live 2021: How to Build Relationships in a Diverse Culture

TCP Live 2021: How to Build Relationships in a Diverse Culture 150 150 Angeli Maduli

🤫 Here’s a tip to build more relationships in a diverse culture

Starting new relationships can be exciting or scary to some. But we have to admit, when we make new connections, especially with different cultures, it could be a little bit more challenging because we have to be mindful of what we say and do.

An article on LinkedIn published in 2019 by Juliette C. Mayers, one of the Forbes Coaches Council, listed down 8 tips for building cross-cultural relationships. We’d like to share with you 3 of our favorites:

🔑 Examine your personal bias. Admit it or not, we all have biases and we have to take our time to reflect on what these are and think about how this is stopping us from making new relationships.

🔑 Seek to understand. Let’s not make assumptions. Learn as much as you can by reading books, traveling or even studying!

🔑 Keep an open mind. Avoid stereotyping people. The more you expose yourself to diversity, the more learnings you get from the different people you will meet.

Watch the full TCP Live with Tan Nguyen, Shiela Cancino, John Ho, and Margot Ling as they share their own tips on how to build relationships in a diverse culture.

How do you form new relationships?

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