How to Identify the “Barrier” by Tan Nguyen | TCP Growth

How to Identify the “Barrier” by Tan Nguyen | TCP Growth 150 150 Angeli Maduli

😔 Are you also struggling with figuring out what to do next?

In the third episode of Tan Nguyen’s video series, he talks about how identifying your biggest current challenge can push you closer to your goals.

Tan,  the International Leadership Coach for TCP Growth and a Certified Executive Coach for ICA, mentions in his last video that to achieve an objective, you need to have clarity of your goal and to take one firm step at a time towards it.

But the distance between your starting line and the first step can be overwhelming and scary. He reminds you to look at your end goal and check what is in between you and your goal– that is your barrier. When you identify your barrier, break it down into small pieces and you’ll be surprised that you have taken your first step towards your objective!

Watch this video and Tan’s video series to get more tips.

How do you identify your barrier?

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